is in peril.Gu also▓ called on the HKSAR government to appeal to a higher▓ court for correction and said that the NPC Standin▓g Committee could ac












  tually make legal ▓interp

's central gov't in HKS▓A

R says NPC Standing Co

mmittee's decisions

should be respected1

1-20-2019 09:35 BJTH

retation even before the self-correc
tion of Hong Kong judiciary.

ONG KONG, Nov. 1▓9 -- The Liais

on Office of the Chinese ▓C

entral People'

s Government in the Hong Kon

g Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) said Tuesday t▓hat the administrative, legislative

Ma Yan-k

 and judicial bodies of the HKSAR should respect relevant decisions of

the Standing Committee of the Nati▓onal Peopl

wok, bar

e's Congress (NPC) when performing t▓heir duties and exercising relevant

powers in accordance with the law.The princi

rister a

pal official of the liaison office said they have noted that the Court

of First Instance of the High Court of the

nd chair

HKSAR ruled on Monday that some provisions of the Emergency Regulations

Ordinance were inc▓onsistent with the Basic L

man of t

aw of the HKSAR.▓ The Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPC Standing

Com▓mittee and spokesperson for the Hong Kong

h▓e Hon

and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council have expressed de▓ep and

strong concerns over the ruling.According t

g Kong L

o the Article 67(4) of the Constitution of the Peo▓ple's Republic of Chin

a on the NPC Standing Committee's power to i

egal Exc

nterpret laws and the Article 158(▓1) of the Basic Law of the HKSAR that

states "the power of interpretation of this

hange Foundation, said the ruling
only paid attention to the nee

Law shall be vested i▓n the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress," the NPC Standing Committee reserves the right of final judgement as to whether Hong Kong's local laws contravene the Basic Law, the principal off▓icial said.According to the principal o▓fficial, H

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e Liaison Office of the Chinese Central People's Gover
nment in the Hong Kong Special
Administrative Region (▓HKSAR)
said Tuesday that the administr
ative, legisla
tive and judic
ial bodies of the HKSAR should respect relevant decisi
ons of the Standing Committee of
the Nationa▓l People's Congres
s (NPC) when performing their du
ties a▓nd exerc
ising relevant
powers in accordance with the law.Liaison office of China's central go▓v't in HKSAR says NPC Standing Committee's ▓decisions should be respectedL
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